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School Affairs System

The relevant information systems of campus information entry of this university adopts 
a three-layer framework development based on the web, allowing students and teachers
to use the school affairs information service at any time and at any place. At present, the
school affairs administrative information system has been developed and maintained by 
others whom our university has entrusted with that responsibility. Each system is customized
to the administrative operation procedures of each office with the latest computer technology 
applied, in order to meet the requirements of the content and timeliness for each office. Under
the great support of supervisors in high levels and the rich experience of operators who are 
familiar with the school affairs administrative system, these systems have become more mature.
The current systems are described by the following classifications: 
(1) Academic affairs office:
1. Curriculum service information system 
2. Registration information system 
3. Enrollment information system 
4. Student loan system 
(2) Student affairs office:
1. Living guidance information system 
2. Learning guidance information system 
3. Labor education system 
4. Social management system 
5. Consultation instruction system 
6. Roll call, ask-for-leave, reward and punishment systems 
(3) General affairs office:
1. Application system for land use and borrow 
2. Maintenance and repair management system 
3. Property management system 
4. Air-conditioner application system 
5. Official document management system 
(4) Other offices 
1. Accounting management system 
2. Internship and employment system 
3. Teacher training center system 
4. Employee sign-in and sign-out system 
5. Promotion education management system 
6. Information system as a branch of the logistics center
7. Teacher research data input system 
(5) Public system 
1. Announcement management system 
2. Meeting management system 
3. Calendar management system 
4. Honor Roll management system 
5. Certification integration management system