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About the Library and Information Service Office
      Beginning in 1995, in coordination with the college's founding, the library was temporarily housed on the second floor of the Instruction Building encompassing the space of six classrooms. Since the end of the year 2000, upon completion of the seven-story Info-Library building occupies the first through fourth floors. For the purpose of well integrating the resources of campus, the Library and the Computer Center have jointly become the Library & Information Center and consists 3 divisions including Network Application Section, Acquisitions & Cataloging Section and Readers Services Section since August 1, 2009.

      The building of the Info was reconstructed and expanded the space from 3,192.81 to 5,860.89 square meters In Sep. 2011, providing 570 reading seats. Facilities for study and research include: an auditorium of 73 seats and 4 seminar rooms for group study on the 7th floor, audio-visual viewing area with 24 individual seats and 4 group viewing rooms on the 1st floor. Multi-media material such as DVD, CD, Audio-video tapes and cassettes are available for use with equipments provided. The main collections includes hospitality and tourisms, culinary arts, liberal arts, business management and education. In addition, the Library also provides E-books, E-journals and many kinds of On-line databases to support teaching and learning.

    The Computer Center with Network Service Section, System Support Section and Information Service Section was established in August 1995 right after the school was founded. The major tasks of Computer Center are integrating the computer resources over the campus and scheming out the computerization of school administration. Since the early years of development, a star topology of fiber network has been installed to provide campus-wide networking service; in the meanwhile, the Academic Information System has also been started to be planned and developed. In February 1996, the web site of school was constructed to provide various information on line. With the name of the school has been changed to be the “National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism” (NKUHT) since August 1, 2010. To provide a better and secure IT environment, and comply with information security requirements of the Ministry of Education, the Library & Information Center had carried out the expansion project of the Computer Facilities as well as the project of importing the ISMS (Information Security Management System) before the end of 2011.