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On-Campus Internet Announcements

Dormitory Network 
1. The【Dormitory network】charges a fee to the user in order to meet the spirit of payment. 
2. For computers belonging to students which are not property of the school, if any problem 
    should occur, the student should solve it at his/her own discretion. Our department will be 
    not responsible for repair. 
3. If any problem occurring in the 【dormitory network equipment】has blocked the network
    hole, caused failure in communication equipment or has led to the failure of signing online 
    by the student himself or many other students, please fill in data on the internet application 
    service online (Website https://cmp.nkuht.edu.tw/cccall-ldap)and our department will assign 
    a technician to repair the problem as soon as possible. 
4. For use of internet in the dormitories, please open the browser and enter the account (student)
    number and password of the【campus information entry network】under the picture of internet
    certification. Real-time communication software will be used when the internet accreditation is

Wireless networks on-campus 
Areas with Wireless Availability: 
. Administration Building 
. Teaching Building 
. Renwen Building 
. Third Teaching Building 
.First Practice Building 
. Second Practice Building 
. Independent study classroom in Sincerity and Honesty Building 
. Independent study classroom in Diligence and Modesty Building 
.Society office 
. Underground restaurant 
. Yuntian coffee shop

Campus Wireless Roaming
Our University has been part of the wireless roaming plan since 2009. Relevant descriptions of
schools which have already joined in and are currently participating in this plan can be viewed on 
the website http://roamingcenter.tanet.edu.tw. If the faculty and staff want to use the wireless 
network when they arrive at the school and have already used the plan, they can enter the account
and password of the【campus information entry network】of the university. (@nkuht.edu.tw needs
to be added to identify the school, e.g. 49211001@nkuht.edu.tw or t0001@nkuht.edu.tw.)