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Information Services

1.EMAIL - provides dual Account ( GMAIL and Windows Live mail) (Ext: 14200,14202)
    - GMAIL : E-mail account number for the student number , 
                    ex:49911001@stu.nkuht.edu.tw .
                    get mail address : http://gmail.com 
    - Windows Live mail : E-mail account number for the student number , 
                    ex:49611001@live.nkuht.edu.tw .
                    get mail address : https://portal.microsoftonline.com/ 

    After students graduate or drop out, their Microsoft Live mail and Google Workspace accounts will be deleted

 2.Network Authentication - Hostel Internet authentication using the account number 
    for the school  (Ext: 14200,14202)
    -Daily 10GB network traffic limit

    The dormitory network committee is maintained and managed by Chunghwa Telecom, which is not regulated by the 
    school's Internet usage rules. Please bring your own dormitory rooms and public area network lines.

 3.LDAP - Account number for the school (Ext: 14301~14305)
 4.School Information System (Ext: 14301~14305)