Borrow and Return Library Materials / Ungraduate Students

  Book Borrowing and Return Service:   (Contact ext.: 1246)
Book Borrowing
The students can borrow books with the student card. Every student can borrow 20 books at most for a period of 4 weeks, and the borrowing can be renewed. Students returning the overdue book will be deprived of the borrowing privileges.
Books Return
Students can return the books to the counter of the library during opening hours or the students can put the books into the Book Drop Box during the closed hours, but should go to enquire the Library System of the Library the next day to confirm whether the book has completed the restitution procedure or not.
If the needed book is in the state of “borrowed”, students can make an appointment by themselves online. As long as this book is returned to the library, the library will announce this on “Latest Announcement” on the campus website and will reserve the book for seven days from its return. Failure in finishing the borrowing procedure shall be regarded as abandoning.
On expiration of the borrowing, if there is no appointment by others, the reader can apply for renewal ; The renewal period shall be the same as the borrowing period.
Every one day of being overdue shall be surcharged NT$5 ; those payable of up to NT$ 150 or more or having overdue books shall be deprived of  the right to borrow books until they have settled all monies owing and returned all the books.
Book Recalling
For overdue books (overdue the maturity date), the system will automatically send a notification email and will send a notification e-mail three days in advance before the due date (pre-informing notice).
* Reminder: Make sure that the E-mail recorded in the system is your commonly used E-mail, and please pay attention to your borrowing situation, in order to avoid fines for overdue items.
Books not for borrowing (Only for use within the library)
Periodicals (including bound volumes of periodicals), reference books, dissertations, school teachers’ work, books and audio-visual data specific for teachers and newspapers are not available for borrowing.
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