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The borrowing service during epidemic prevention period (June, 2021 - )

This service  is only provided for current NKUHT faculty, staff and students.
Users must reserve books first.


1. Log into your library account and check your loan quota.
2. Enter  library online catalog to search the desired item.
 ** You have to check the book is available first  ,and make an appointment next.

When we complete your request, you can pick up the books at the library circulation desk after receiving the notice mail.


1. Opening hours:Daily 10:30-11:00 / 14:00-14:30
2. Remember showing your faculty card/student card /identification card while picking up books.
3. Library use real-name registration system, please bring your mobile phone and scan the QR code next door when you enter library.
4. To minimize staff exposure, we will borrow books in your account when we sent the notice mail to you. 
 ** If the appointment is overdue or you want to cancel it , we will return those book on the next day.
 5. Please return those books to the Book Return Box .

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