Interlibrary Loans (ILL)


NKUHT Interlibrary loans (ILL)

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Brief introduction

In the face of the information explosion and under pressure from fast growth of the budget forbooks and periodicals, when this library is unable to find the needed data, it is able to use inter-library cooperative servicesto access other libraries or data unitsto borrow or printdata; moreover,it is also able to obtain domestically lacking materials from foreign countries through the Technological Material Center.

Library union organization

This library has joined in the Inter-library Cooperation Association, South Regional Technological College Union, and Taiwan Consortium Purchase of University Libraries.

National Document Delivery Service  

Through the library, apply for data duplication and book borrowing from other units. For application methods, refer to the Inter-library Cooperation Introduction Website.

KKPRegionalResourceCenter for Teaching and Learning

Through the KKP Regional Resource Center for Teaching and Learning, the reader can make online applications to borrow books in the libraries of 22 universities in the KKP region. Each reader can borrow a maximum of 5 books within a term of 14 days (including 7 days held in the library), and is not allowed to renew or make an appointment. The application No. and password shall be registered under the borrowing individual’sID of this library.

Borrowing within the inter-library system

This library also provides inter-library borrowing services in cooperation with the libraries of other universities, such as Taiwan University, National Sun Yat-sen University, National Cheng Kung University, National Kaohsiung Normal University, National University of Tainan, Whampoa Military Academy, Open University Of Kaohsiung, andSouth Regional Technological Colleges. Readers can use theiruniversity credential to exchange for a library card of another university to borrow books. For detailed information, please refer to the Inter-library Book Borrowing Regulations and Inter-library Borrowing Notice of South Regional Technological Colleges.

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